Artia at a glance

Artia Nano Engineering is a leading research, commercialization and engineering advisory company located in Athens, Greece, focusing on technology transfer and applied research, especially in the field of nanotechnology and advanced materials. Our team that consists of PhD level scientists and engineers works with companies, research institutes, organizations and universities across Europe in order to solve technical impasses and create innovations establishing  competitive advantages for us and our partners.


Our objective is to create value for interested stakeholders by generating significant, predictable and repeatable revenue through

  • licensing of the intellectual property created by us
  • research and development of innovative products and services in the field of advnaced materials and nanomaterials
  • transfer of developed know-how through engineering and advisory services.


ARTIA orientates it’s efforts towards two main directions each of which has substantial potential;

  • oriented research and development of nanomaterials, nanocoatings, nanoelectronics and nanosensors as well as characterization of their structure and properties
  • providing engineering services in nanotechnology issues and in European and transnational funding.

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Business Opportunities

ARTIA is in a daily basis looking for opportunities that will boost its business development. Thus, our team is seeking to join Development Projects with high tech companies, nanomaterials based developers and other prospects requiring low cost / high impact technological solutions.