Profile at a glance

Incorporation of nanotechnology in electroplating and advanced materials, provision of small batch electroplated products / items incorporating nanomaterials, synthesizing of nanostructured materials, acquisition & implementation of European RTD projects as well as Provision of Scientific Services & Engineering Advising to Industry.

Brief Company Description

ARTIA Nano Engineering & Consulting founded in 2013, is a research-intensive, pilot / small batch production provider and engineering consulting SME, based in the industrial zone western of Athens area, in Greece. ARTIA’s core team consists of a number of dynamic and highly qualified scientists and engineers with postgraduate / PhD degrees demonstrating long experience and success records in their respective fields.

ARTIA has developed considerable expertise in the fields of electroplating, advanced materials and nanotechnology as well as in European Programs proposal preparation, implementation and project management. Currently ARTIA is involved in several H2020 projects. At the same time ARTIA is also providing services, scientific advising and technical support to major customers.

Since its early stages the company was strongly involved in electrosynthesis / electroplating, processing and manufacturing of nano-structured materials and (nano) composite coatings. These coatings bare improved hardness, anti-corrosion properties, antibacterial activities and self-cleaning properties. The capacity of ARTIA starts form bench scale electroplating for preliminary studies and standardization of processes and goes up to small batch production for pulse current plating of large articles. ARTIA has the infrastructure to proceed in the evaluation of the coatings that produces. Regarding advanced materials, ARTIA has a scientific background and interest in synthesis of nanostructures semiconductors with enhanced photocatalytic properties, mainly working on the TiO2 and especially in its modifications so as to improve their photocatalytic properties for applications in construction industry and specifically in photocatalytic paints for air pollutants degradation and self-cleaning activity as well as in the field of protective metallic surfaces with antibacterial and self-cleaning properties, for hospitals and public places. Apart from synthesizing materials and producing the final products, ARTIA has the infrastructure to evaluate the raw materials and the final products

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Business Opportunities

ARTIA is always seeking new opportunities that will boost its business. Thus, we’re actively looking to find new partners and customers to expand our business while at the same time we’re very keen to join Development Projects with high tech companies, nanomaterials based developers and other potential partners interested in, or complimentary to our areas of expertise.