ARTIA is a research-intensive and pilot / small batch production provider for products and services, that has developed considerable expertise in the fields of electroplating, advanced materials and nanotechnology as well as in European Programs proposal preparation, implementation and project management.

More specifically:

- Electrosynthesis, processing and manufacturing of nano-structured materials and (nano)composite coatings
- Electroplating line
- Functionality enhancement (materials, engineering & fabrication)

Advanced materials
- Synthesis of nano-/micro structured semiconductors with enhanced photocatalytic properties
- Manufacturing of nano-/micro enabled materials with photocatalytic properties (paints, antimicrobial surfaces)
- Evaluation of photocatalytic properties (pollutants degradation, hydrophobicity / hydrophilicity)
- Fabrication of solder pastes for miniaturized PCBs

European Programs Proposal Preparation & Project Management services
- Scientific proposal writing and management under the Horizon 2020
- Network building services involving academia and industry
- Evaluation of funding opportunities

 pilot 3 pilot 4plating line 1 plating line 2 photo 1 Optimization of Barrel plating in order to increase the mechanical properties of the components for the purposes of PROCETS