Artia’s lab is fully equipped with modern laboratory apparatuses and computerized systems.

  • Electrochemical station – potentiostat/galvanostat, with Booster and flat corrosion cell (MetroOhm, Autolab PGSTAT 302N)
  • Glove box
  • Electroplating cell/tanks (volume from 1L to 40L)
  • Ultrasonic processors/sonotrodes (Hielscher UP200St)
  • Vickers Micro Hardness Tester (Shimadzu HMV-G20)
  • Contact angle goniometer (AttensionTheta Lite Optical Tensiometer)
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Agilent Carry 60) equipped with DRA Fibre Optic coupler (Harrick Agilent Barrelino)
  • Solar simulator (HelioSim, CL60, Voss Electronic)
  • Custom UV-Vis and Visible light photocatalytic reactor
  • Photo-radiometer with UVA (315-400nm) and Vis probes (400-1050nm)




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