NanoBat mid-term meeting

The NanoBat mid-term meeting took place in Prague on 22/09/17 at the University of International and Public Relations Prague, where the project’s progress was succesfully evaluated by EU officers. Artia Nano Engineering was represented by  Experienced Researchers Thanos Karvounis and Eleni Nintou.

The NanoBat project is an ambitious research project that focuses on the advancement of the concept of nanostructured delivery-L-menthol system for brown adipose tissue activation. In long term, the project aims to lead to a natural, safe, and replicable way to increase human metabolism, bringing the scientific community of EU/World one step closer to eradicating obesity and improving the lives of millions of people. For this goal, Artia cooperates with the University of Padova (Italy), VUB (Belgium), Imedica (Romania) and Inocure (Chech Republic) that also participate in the project.

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NanoBat mid term meeting