Artia provides nanotechnology services to partners around the world in every industry that nanoproducts and applied research are implemented improving the manufacturers’ materials and properties.

Photocatalytic/self-cleaning evaluation of powders and surfaces

  • Evaluation of photocatalytic activity under UV, Visible and Solar radiation using liquid model pollutants
  • Evaluation of self cleaning properties (hydrophobicity / hydrophilicity) under UV, Visible and Solar radiation.
  • Energy band gap measurement (Eg, DRA-UV-Vis)


  • Micro hardness (Vickers)
  • Corrosion behavior testing (potentiodynamic polarization)

Water-Physicochemical analyses

  • pH
  • alkalinity
  • hardness
  • salinity
  • chlorides
  • conductivity
  • total, suspended and dissolved organic and inorganic solids

Services to Industry

  • Specialized engineering advising to industrial partners on manufacturing processes aiming productivity and business value increase.
  • Complete characterization and problem solving service, regarding nanomaterials and surface coatings (chemical composition, crystalline structure, mechanical and electrochemical behavior).

Our expertise spans between know how and quality supporting customers who wish to fully understand the composition and properties of their materials, verify the quality of their products and R&D technical solutions and solve problems related to failures.