Products / Services

ARTIA provides pilot / small batch production of innovative electroplated products, synthesis of advanced materials, measurement and characterization of materials / surfaces as well as applied research services in all aspects where nanomaterials and nanotechnology are incorporated; ARTIA provides also advising in European Programs Proposal Preparation and Management

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In more detail:

Electroplating products and services

  • ARTIA offer electroplating as a service as well as final electroplated products. At the same time, ARTIA also offer advising and know-how on plating processes that advance electrodeposition methods and coatings and result to innovative products.
  • ARTIA’s electroplating line is specially designed for fabrication of nanocomposite coatings by pulse current electroplating method. Its capabilities include the development and implementation of metal, alloys and nano (composite) pulse plating processes.

Advanced materials

  • Synthesis of nano-/micro structured semiconductors with enhanced photocatalytic properties
  • Manufacturing of nano-/micro enabled materials with photocatalytic properties (paints, antimicrobial surfaces)
  • Fabrication of new generation solder pastes for miniaturized PCBs

 Photocatalytic/self-cleaning evaluation of powders and surfaces

  • Evaluation of photocatalytic activity under UV, Visible and Solar radiation using liquid model pollutants
  • Evaluation of self-cleaning properties (hydrophobicity / hydrophilicity) under UV, Visible and Solar radiation.
  • Energy band gap measurement (e.g., DRA-UV-Vis)

 Water-Physicochemical analyses

  • pH
  • alkalinity
  • hardness
  • salinity
  • chlorides
  • conductivity
  • total, suspended and dissolved organic and inorganic solids


  • Micro hardness (Vickers)
  • Corrosion behavior testing (potentiodynamic polarization)

 Other Scientific Services

  • Complete characterization and problem-solving service, regarding nanomaterials and surface coatings (chemical composition, crystalline structure, mechanical and electrochemical behavior).
  • R&D contract research for third parties.

 European Programs Proposal Preparation & Project Management services

  • Scientific proposal writing and management under the Horizon 2020
  • Network building services involving academia and industry
  • Evaluation of funding opportunities