BDSM and abnormal sex. BDSM sex techniques like Soft BDSM sex, hard BDSM sex and Points to note

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What is abnormal sex?

What is BDSM sex?

While doing the sexual activity, if couple used any types of BDSM equipments the it is called BDSM sex. The term BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sado and mascochism. BDSM is a term as often as possible used to depict a scope of sexual activities, but at the same time it's an approach to manage sex and sex play.

In the market varieties of BDSM equipments are available. The different types of BDMS toy are ball gag, bondage harness, bondage hood, cock ring, head harness, suspension cuffs, stocks, ring gag, plastic wrap, nose hook, penis gag, humble etc. People can select any of the BDSM equipments according to their need and choice.

Before starting the BDSM sex, it is important for couple to talk about that. The couple should communicate with each other before, during and after the BDSM sex. The couple should also make their own security word before starting the BDSM sex. People used these security word in case of any emergency. While playing the BDSM play it is important for both the partner to believe their opposition totally and both partner can know each other's preferences, abhorrence and limits.

Soft abnormal sex sex, hard abnormal sex

Soft BDSM sex, hard BDSM sex

The BDSM sex are of two types - the soft BDSM sex and the hard BDSM sex. The soft BDSM sex is recommended for beginner couple. A soft BDSM sex is something that either the dominant or submissive may not be OK with at the season of arrangement, however may take part in it after general play with a similar individual, just with someone in particular, or just in a specific play circumstance. It varies from a hard sex since it's adaptable. While involving in the soft BDSM sex play there is less possibility that the couple gets hurt.

Basically the hard BDSM sex are done by the people who have lots of experience in the BDSM sex. While involving in the hard BDSM sex play, couple enjoy the pleasure by implementing or receiving the pain. During hard BDSM sex it is necessary that both the couple have fully trust on each other.

Points to note when abnormal BDSM sex

Points to note when BDSM sex

While using the BDSM equipments during sexual activity, it is important for couple to take some precautions. Before starting the BDSM sex, it is necessary for couple to take the safety kit with them. In the safety kit, antiseptic cream, latex gloves, antibacterial cleaner, bandage etc. are included. Most of the BDSM equipments are reusable, so it is important for couple to make it clean before and after every use so that it becomes free from germs. To clean the BDSM equipments people can use the toy cleaner, water or antiseptic liquid.

During sexual activity, if any one of the partner does not feel comfortable or they feel abnormality then immediately stop doing the sexual act. Now a day, most of the BDSM equipments are available with the padlocks. The padlocks have two pairs of key. People should keep the one pair of the key safely. While doing the sexual activity, if one pair of key lost then in this case couple can use the another pair of key. During BDSM sex, make sure that you or your partner does not get hurt. Before involving in the BDSM sex, it is important for couple to read the instruction which is given in the instruction manual and follow that instruction.