Use the gagging toys with all the precautions?

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Gagging? Is that SM play??


Gagging is the BDSM or SM sex form which is used in mouth of opposite partner. Partners stuck balls, strips or something which will assist them to torture their partner brutally in BDSM sex. Opposite partner feels torture but opposite partners brutally punish or dominate them. Partners bind rigorously hands of their opposite and they cannot move. This position gives them pain and punishment but they bear during BDSM sex for their partner. Gagging toys are broadly used by couples during BDSM sex.

It provides variation during sexual encounter. Partners feel painful bliss when they get tortured and dominated. Gagging is really a painful act of BDSM sex but it offers best sensation to whole body in the form of BDSM sex. Gagging toys are advanced toys for sexual encounter and couples enjoy a lot along with. It allows all kind of users to use these toys in BDSM sex.

What is gag sex toy?

What is gag sex toy?

Gag sex toys are specially design for the use in BDSM, SM and sadist and maso activity. Which is specially used by the dominative partner on the submissive partner to restrict the ability of speak. People wear gag for verity of reasons. Like some peoples use it for erotic stimulation, use it for role-play of submissive and dominating. Some peoples wear gag for the purpose of punishment and control. Well on the other hand some people are wearing without any purpose of humiliation.

The wearing of a gag can increase the anxiety level of BDSM play. But it also intensifies the tension and excitement level in your body. The type of the gag is depending to the couples who want to do BDSM sex with gags. Some gags are small and some are big to cover the whole mouth. Gags are may be classified on the type and the base of mouth. During the use of the gagging toys you can also include other sex toys like dildo, BDSM whip, vibrators and other massager’s sex toys.

Gagging is the BDSM sex toys which is design in such a way that people wear it in the mouth. Gagging help people to prevent from speech or talking. Most of the people prefer the gagging during the BDSM roleplay. While using the gag during the BDSM sex, one partner wear the gag which is called the submissive partner whereas the other partner called the dominant partner.

In the market varieties of gagging toys are available. The gagging sex toys are made with varieties of material such as rubber, plastic, silicone, steel, metal, jelly, leather etc. All these materials are either high quality or medical grade, so it does not make any harm to the body.

The gagging sex toys are available in different color, shape, size, texture and style. People can select any of the gagging sex toys according to their choice. It match with other BDSM toys like bondage toys. Couple can purchase the gagging sex toys from shop or from online store. There are many e-commerce sites in the world which offer the varieties of gagging sex toys. People can easily purchase the gagging sex toys from e-commerce site.

Gagging toy

Gagging toy

The different types of gagging sex toys are ball gag, bit gag, butterfly gag, cleave gag, OTM(over the mouth/detective), OTN(over the nose/bandit), forniphilic gag, funnel gag, hand gag, harness gag, inflatable gag, knotted gag, layered gag, medical gag, mouth corset gag, mouthguard gag, muzzle gag, pacifier gag, panel gag, pecker gag, ring gag, rope gag, spider gag, stuff gag, tape gag, tube gag etc. People can select any of the gag for BDSM sex play. All these gags are used by any of the people either men, women, gay or lesbian.

The different types of gag are design in a different manner. A ball gag is design in a sphere manner and a strap pass through its diameter. People can easily adjust the strap. A butterfly gag is design like a wing shaped. An OTN gag cover the mouth as well as nose during the BDSM sex play. People should use these gag carefully, otherwise there is possibility that the submissive partner can get hurts.

Types of gaging toys?

Types of gaging toys?

There are many gagging toys are taking in use by couples in BDSM sex to improve and make passionate their life with these erotic but punishable BDSM toys. Males or females will use gagging toys to their opposite partner to punish or torture them brutally. These gagging toys are classified as balls gags, open mouth gags, penis gags, pony bit gags, medical gags, deep throat gags, leather silicone bit gags, locking penis gags, breathable ball gags, silicone ball gag with nipple clamp, cock head silicone mouth gag, cock sucker mouth gag, leather padded silicone penis mouth gag, pegging etc.

These gagging toys are available with several textures and sizes so couples may take along as per their need. These gagging toys are made by materials such as silicone, metal, rubber, leather etc. so couples may try many options for their BDSM sex. Beginners or amateur couples may use silicone or rubber made toys which are almost soft in nature. On the other side experienced couples may use metal made toys to get some advanced and incredible taste in their mouth. All toys are awesome for use and gives best pleasure to them.

As you know that there are different types of gagging toys are available. The gagging sex toys are classifies as over the mouth type, mouth stuffing type or mouth opening type. Some of the gagging sex toys are design in such a manner that it fills the mouth whereas some of the gagging sex toys are design in such a manner that it provide access to the mouth by constraining the mouth open.

People can use the gagging sex toys for varieties of reasons. Some people wear the gag for erotic pleasure during the BDSM sex play, either in a submissive or dominant role. Couple also use other physical restraints with the gag to increase the pleasure.

For a few people, gag have implications of discipline and control, and along these lines can be utilized as a type of humiliation. For some people, wearing a muffle or gag without limitations is as yet a demonstration of humiliation, just like an open mouth gag. Some people get excited during the BDSM sex play, by the sound choked or gagged individuals make when they endeavor to talk, or by observing a people dribble wildly. The types of the gagged depends on the user taste and choice.

There are lots different types of gagging sex toys are available in the market so let’s talk about some of these gag toys:- Some of these are normal and famous and some of these are different and unique in designs.

Funnel gag

These are one of those unique type of gag sex toy. It’s known the name of funnel gag because it looks like household funnel. This type of gag sex toy is used to force a person to drink the fluid during the BDSM activity. It is very easy to chock during such forced drinking.

Ball gag

Ball gags are one of the most popular BDSM toys. It comes in ball shapes with many wholes to breathing properly. It is mostly made with the silicone, plastic and rubber materials. It is the most effective for gag for prevent the voice of your submissive.

Butterfly gags

Butter fly gags are mostly available in a winged shape and a butterfly shape. The central part of it fits in behind the teeth and the lips. This is a high kind of gag in wear.

Bandit (over the nose)

Bandit is also known as over the nose and mouth gag sex toy. Bandit are covers your all nose part that is why it’s also known as the over the nose mouth gag.

Cleave gag

The more effective gag over the entire mouth gag is called the cleave gag. Cleave gags are difficult to remove because it is thick type of gag, because it covers under area of the mouth like teeth or tongue. It’s not covering your whole mouth. When you are using it you can say that the voice is your submissive partner is muffled but it’s not preventing completely.

Pecker and penis gag

As it suggests with his name that it is comes with penis shapes. So submissive partner can wear it and suck the penis in BDSM activity.

Harness gag

The harness gag covers your head. Head harness is most commonly used to provide the point to attach other gags like ball gag, bit gag, muzzle gag and ring gag, although there are some other use like providing attachment points for other forms of bondage. People can use it extreme erotic BDSM play. Many of head harness are made for covering the eyes also.

Usage and effect of gagging

Usage and effect of gagging

Whenever using gagging toys you must be aware about it. Bondage gagging toys are manufactured for all kind of users whether they are mature or not. It is important to know about particular toy else you may misguide while using. Read properly about it then use. Use gagging toys gradually and do not make any fast act on mouth. You should use these toys in mouth carefully as don’t stuck it firmly else marks or rashes may occur there. Your partner may assist you better to stuck it around mouth. Leave some space or don’t bind it firmly around mouth else you cannot take proper breath.

These gagging toys are water proof so it may use somewhat in presence of water. You may bind hands firmly behind that will raise passion between both. You may try these gagging toys with bondage rope also. You may also add spankers and ticklers on partner’s butt to raise more excitement there. You may take handcuffs also to bind hands of your opposite partner. Always choose toys as per your mouth size else it will hurt your mouth when stuck. Always clean these toys before using because dust may present on its surface that may harm your mouth. Wash toys after using and keep it in a safe and dry place. Always use for own purpose and do not try to share with anyone.

Precaution while using gagging toys?

Precaution while using gagging toys?

Whenever you are involving in the BDSM activity you should decide and established a safe action. It is very important during the play because during the play if you cannot feel comfort than how can you stop your partner so that you have to first do this step it is important. Next thing is how to choose a gag, choose right type of gag for you is also important for you. Because these are comes in different sizes so you have to choose perfect one for you.

Next important thing is never use mouth gag when the gagged person isn’t feeling or breathing well. And if you have any type of physical problem like cold and asthma then skip gagging otherwise it’s not good for your health. Next thing is if the submissive partner wear gag and you are dominative hen never squeeze his or her nose otherwise they cannot breath and then you have to face serious problem. Last if your partner not comfortable with that just stop the activity.